Shipping Information

Shipping Information


Track your Postage or Counter Collection here



Shipping Time

  • Average Shipping time for postage/counter collection: 4 - 5 days


  • Average Shipping time for Normal EMS/Fragile EMS: 1 or 2 days 


How do we pack orders

We pack items using bubble wrap polymailers or Bubble wrapped products in boxes as most of our products are liquid and glass send via Postage/Counter Collection/Normal EMS/Fragile EMS.


Shipping Frequency

We Ship our orders once a week and some weeks twice in a week. If you have any urgency for your order to be sent early, please request and it will be considered.


Shipping Methods

  • Registered Postage - Suitable for customers with Post boxes.
  • Registered Counter Collection - Customers can collect this from counter of a post office near them without any post box.
  • Normal EMS - Delivered to address.
  • Fragile EMS (Recommended) - Delivered to address.
  • Freight Forward EMS (Ems charges customer on Delivery) - Delivered to address.
  • Lautoka Pickup (Only available for Lautoka Customers) - Delivery Location and Time are sent to customers opted for this.


However, if your delivery has been delayed, please contact via email or on our social media handles or Viber 750 1115