Collection: Paula's Choice Skincare

Skin care is a balance between giving people what they want and what they need. Sometimes those two objectives don’t coincide, as people sometimes want what isn’t good for their skin, such as purchasing anti-aging products in jars, using fragrant products or harsh scrubs, not wearing sunscreen, using expensive products that are poorly formulated, and so on. We will never make products that are bad for skin just because it’s the popular thing to do.


At Paula’s Choice Skincare, we know exactly what it takes to have beautiful, healthy, younger-looking skin. Simply put: The science of skin and skin care is the starting point for everything we formulate. We endlessly read medical and scientific journals for research related to every aspect of skin care, and it is this analysis, from over 35 years of work, that provides the basis for every product we create and the skin care routines we assemble. All our efforts are aimed at you having the best skin of your life, which is why we love what we do!